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It’s always fun to play with new toys. Guess that also holds for websites. At least here is our attempt to give you all a warm, or perhaps a rather brick freezing, welcome. A welcome blackened by the seething rage of an inverted burning medieval construction somewhere in the misty forests of Thcertu, where the black wizards daily take there cursed creatures to wet the necrotic soil somewhere in the vicinty of the evil fairy ring.
Now that’s Black Metal.

For your covenience we added a link to our myspace, where you can listen to our latest EP and more. Move your eyes a couple of inches to the right and you'll surely find it.

Alternatively, just download a high quality rip (although I reckon there’s no fun in that since we made it legal). In the unlikely event that you don't feel like burning your own Deleterious-ep and drawing up some artwork you could always pay a visit to our merch section. (This is the actual illegal route to obtain our copyrighted darling and it's way more exciting to go off the beaten track.)

All come highly recommended, just make your pick.

Gay (and less gay) facebook buttons will folow.

And now for some:



A year since our last update and half a year since our last show. Luckily this will change!
Next saturday we'll bring the ceiling down at The Cave, Amsterdam together with Laboratory Sickness. Looking forard to this!
Next up: May 16th we'll play a home game at dB's Utrecht supporting Brutal Truth and Grindpad.
We'll see all of you there!


Yeah, yeah... We know...
Anyway. Some news (though not awfully much...): We've built up quite a collection of live-videos shot with a variety of mobile phones and uploaded to youtube. Check out an especially nice one in our new and improved (Moving) Pictures section (not to be confused with the brilliant Rush album). It features a brand new clarinet-driven song, so eat your hearts out! Or don't, that's fine too. For other videos we kindly suggest you head over to youtube and try to find them yourselves. (Or just visit Bart, you lazy bastard...)

One other noteworthy development: the nice people in Emmeloord stunningly appear to like us and booked us for this fall (almost winter). We're looking forward to rocking in our nice polders once again, as well as their legendary andijviestampot!


Two new shows confirmed! The first one will be on March 11th at Little Devil, Tilburg. We'll be proudly supporting Cube X. Also, a new date for the gig in Zaandam had been set. So get your ass over to De Kade on April 22nd.


Two new shows confirmed! The first one will be on March 11th at Little Devil, Tilburg. We'll be proudly supporting Cube X. Also, a new date for the gig in Zaandam had been set. So get your ass over to De Kade on April 22nd.


Finally a gig in our hometown! We'll be playing at dB's on Tuesday April 19th supporting Ludicra from the USA. See you there!


Wow! An update only one month after the last one. Feel free to cheer. Last week's show in Wateringen, which saw the live debut of a new song, was very nice. The number of visitors was a wee bit disappointing, but hey, it's only blackmetal and we had a great time regardless. Some short videos have been uploaded to youtube. You'll find 'em on Bart's channel. The sound quality is not too well, but hey again, it's only blackmetal... again. Also, we hope to receive a bad review from Jules Deelder in the near future. We'll keep you posted on that.

We'd like to honourably mention the opening act for this evening: Substance. A very, very talented band from Brabant. They won't need our support to make it big, but check 'em out anyway. [Ctrl+Click]!

Lastly, there's another video. This one was shot at De Klos, Emmeloord. The Quality is pretty good considering it was filmed using a mobilephone. Check it out.


Despite our good intentions we failed miserably at keeping our website updated in a somewhat regular fashion. Perhaps we'll learn some day... Nonetheless we did make sure to have a lot of news. First we would like to report that our show in Emmeloord went exeptionally well. Thanks go out to Marcel and all others at De Klos, for a great evening with great sound and even greater Andijviestampot! A few pictures have been added to the pictures section (seemed the logical place to put 'em).

Next item on the list concerns other shows. A show in Zaandam has been planned, cancelled, rescheduled and cancelled again. No new date had been set as of yet, but stay posted.
We do have another gig in the very near future. Friday January 8th we will play at Nederland Drie in Wateringen (near Den Haag). Other band(s) have yet to be confirmed.

Last but not least, Lords of Metal have given you the opportunity to learn everything you didn't want to know about us in an interview for their website. It's available in Dutch and in English. Enjoy!


Just to prove we'll do just about anything for fame, we just did the gayest thing ever... We created a facebook acount and what's worse: we've added a "like" button to our website. Doesn't that just make you want to stick your head in a bucket of water for a couple of hours!?
Luckily Facebook was willing to create a one-of-a-kind "DisLike" button limited to Deleterious only. Though we come highly recommended you can still make your pick. How cool are we?

(don't answer that)


Last Wednesday we did the first gig since Highly Recommended was released. The sound on stage was awful, the clarinet was turned off in the first solo, but all things considered it wasn't that bad. Thanks to those few who came to see us on a Wednesday night!

Our next show will be in less then two weeks. On Saturday October 23rd to be exact. We'll be supported by old school death metallers Funeral Whore. I hear Emmeloord is beatiful this time of year so I guess we'll see you there.


Amazing! It turns out that people like us after all. Check out what Martin of Lords of Metal has to say here.

Next Wednesday we'll be doing our first gig in what feels like a decade. So get your ass over to Panama in Amsterdam to support your favourite not so black metal band! Kick of is at 20.30. We'll hit the stage around 22.00.


There's more info on the show at Panama, Amsterdam! We'll be playing with Polydrone and Purest of Pain. Doors will open at 8 o'clock and Purest of Pain will kick of at 8.30. Spread the word!
Also, one new review from, which can be found here.


Should a band post bad reviews on their own website? This age-old dilemma, which has haunted the minds of many influential philosophers throughout the centuries, will probably never be answered satisfactory. Hence, we have to rely on our own moral perception. To summarize: We will focus on the nice reviews, until we've received enough positive ones to let the others blend in nicely :)

Their are two new reviews, both in Dutch. One is by (click) and the other by the printed magazine Aardschok (click again).


Starting today it got even easier to get your freeloading hands on our new ep. Follow this link for the brand new torrent at Rockbox.

In other news: Two gigs are confirmed! The first one is on October 6th at Panama, Amsterdam (I know... I know... It's a Wednesday). The second one is on November 26th at De Kade, Zaandam.

To say the least, reviews have totally failed to pour in over the last couple of weeks. They should come in anytime soon so keep an out for the buggers!


The first of hopefully many reviews has been posted on The piece is a bit poetic on its own and makes for some nice sunday afternoon reading meterial. Click here to read.

While waiting for the reviews to come in we have been looking for shows. Sadly, so far, nothing solid has come up, apart from one yet to be confirmed gig early next year in Groningen. We will keep you posted here on any developments.


It's here and it comes highly recommended!

This week we received our cds which were pressed at ridiculously low cost and with stupifying quality and speed. And ofcourse we will pass the savings on to you!

The hard recording part is over and the harder promotion part will begin. Naturally this involves a brand new website and myspace lay-out. We intend to update things regularly this time, so please make sure we've got something to talk about (by booking us for example). If you don't like the new lay-out please bombard our drummer Richard with e-mails.

We decided to put the entire album online, which can be found on myspace,, grooveshark, etc. In case you don't like streaming (like most sane people do) we provided you with a high quality rip which can be downloaded HERE.

Please let us know whether you like it! To all venues, labels, (e)zines and what more: Get in touch and we'll send a cd along with information.


Woohoo! The new site is online! Well... New... It's actually an adaptation of another site, but hey, who cares?! Looks pretty sharp right? thought so! The big question now is: What have I forgotten and will it actually work? We'll find out in a bit. Just to play it safe: Please use firefox! I didn't bother to test it in another browser. Enough work as it was...



Old News


Deleterious will enter the studio

It is finally happening, as of march 26 Deleterious will enter the studio of Quintijn Verhoef in Utrecht.

We have been rehearsing and shaping the songs for months and now we feel that we are ready to record 5 new songs. Simultaneously we are creating the artwork and setting up all the things we need for a new release.

As things didn't really work out with bas the bass player we found a great replacement in Steven and we feel that he takes the songs to a higher level with his playing. The working title for the new EP will be "Lorem Ipsum Dolor Sit Amet" and song titles are still up for debate within the band.

We will try to keep you more updated from this point on with studio updates (maybe even some videos) until the final product has arrived. After that we will send out copies for reviewing and even try to impress some labels (you never know right).

As of the start of this summer we are ready to blast live again. So any interesting parties can contact us through myspace or through our official website


Great news (well, for us at least)! Our first gig in over a year will take place at our semi-homebase Artishock in Soest on the 29th of May. Over the past months we've been working hard on new songs which we're anxious to play live for the first time. See you in Soest!


Perhaps it shouldn't have gone unsaid that a couple of month ago we found our new bassplayer. Or did he find us? Anyway he's here to stay! (Als het rijmt is het waar...)
Current focus is on creating some new mindblowing material and figuring out if we're ever going to be able to play it. We hope to do some in gigs in a couple of months.


Sadly we're forced to rekindle our search for a bassplayer. If you are interested to join us or know of anyone who might be. Please get in touch!


A long, long time passed since the last update and believe it or not; we actually got some breaking news:

As of July 14th both Martine and Melvin decided to quit the band. At this point it would be nice to make up a story about fierce fights breaking out in the rehearsal studio, but the truth is pretty boring. Both Ms would like to pursue world domination by playing different kinds of music. In this we wish them all the best.

On the plus side we're happy to announce that we're complete again only three weeks after the decimation of our line-up. We would like to welcome Bas (what's in a name?) on bass and Richard on drums.

Bas was the first one to join impressing us at a try out with his 8 string (!) bass performance. He also plays bass (and other instruments) for an acoustic folk group called Fossegrim.

Richard has been a friend for some time. He is playing the drums for the black/grind band "Liar Liar Cross on Fire", the rock band "Unexposed" and luckily from now on for Deleterious as well.

Up to date we did only one rehearsal session with the renewed line-up but it's working out very well indeed. We will focus on some brand new songs and the older ones will get a refreshing touch-up.

Deleterious will be back better than ever in a couple of months!


Some pictures of our show in Zwolle added. They're taken by Johannes. If you're wondering why there are no pictures featuring Martine... She felt ill that day.


New pictures by Iris again!


Some new pictures added of our most recent gig at the first round of the metalbattle. We had a blast playing in Soest (once again). Congrats go out to Disquiet who won and will be performing in the semi-finals at Baroeg, Rotterdam on march 14th. Good luck!

We're also glad to announce that we will finally be playing in our hometown. The date is the 28th of march and we will support Nuestros Derechos' cd presentation. Don't miss it!


Time for another update I'd say. First of all some-one actually did an interview with us.
Check it out right here

Also some new reviews came up in magzines like Rock Tribune and Mindview. All reviews are collected in the reviews topic on our forum. For a direct link: click

Below is the flyer for the metalbattle in which we will compete next friday. Other gigs are coming up at The Cave in Amsterdam on the 7th of march and (finally) one in Utrecht (ACU) on march the 28th. See you there!


A few pictures from last week's show in Eindhovuh added. The pictures are courtesy of Anita.


Another review online, and it's a biggy! click here or read below:

Ik heb al eens eerder het vermoeden uitgesproken dat BandBio wizard in MSWord standaard de regel bevat dat "de muzikale richting lastig te omschrijven" is. Hier hebben we er weer een.

Volgens de bio van Deleterious is de beste omschrijving, een moderne benadering t.o.v. black en death. Niet echt mijn stijl, maar als ik de MCD scan om een goed voorstel richting de RegioReporters te maken, ben ik toch wel zeer aangenaam verrast! In het begeleidend schrijven zegt de band te hopen dat we de tijd kunnen vinden om een review te schrijven. Op dit moment eigenlijk niet, maar ik maak hier graag een uitzondering voor.

Deleterious bracht eerder een album uit onder de naam INRI (zie de review in Aardschok van December 2002). Toen een andere Nederlande (getekende) death band koos voor de naam "I.N.R.I.", besloot INRI verder te gaan als Deleterious. Onder die naam mogen ze van mij heel groot worden!

De opener, "3", begint met een korte intro die je ritmisch compleet op het verkeerde been zet. De baspartij doet zeer sterk denken aan het werk van Les Claypool (Primus). Na enkele seconden gaat het echter vol gas, Pure speed wat mij betreft, double-bass op de automaat en vlammen! Halverwege wordt je ineens weer teruggegooid naar het begin; tegen het einde van de track heb ik sterk de neiging om toch nog maar een keer te luisteren.

Maar we gaan verder met "divine interference". Ruim vier en een halve minuut. Steeds denk je dat er een nieuwe track begint, maar dan herken je toch weer een variatie op een variatie van een halve minuut geleden. Dit zit heel geraffineerd in elkaar, zowel ritmisch als in de bouw van het nummer.

"in dying motion" spreekt mij in eerste instantie minder aan. Zware zang, slepende ritmes, maar ook dit keer gaat halverwege het roer om, vette ritmes en een sfeer die mij sterk doet denken aan het grote feest dat wordt gegeven in Zion (The Matrix Reloaded).

"quip 'n' quail" kent dezelfde opzet en ook hier hoor ik Les Claypool inloeden in het baswerk. Als uiteindelijk de laatste grunts zijn uitgeschreeuwd, de gitaar voor het laatst heeft gekrijsd en de laatste ritmische mitrailleur heeft geklonken in "death is just the way i composed it" zit ik de schijf toch nog maar een keer opnieuw op.

Ik ben geen liefhebber van black en death, maar deze schijf zal ik vaak draaien. Toegankelijk is deze muziek absoluut niet. Toch denk ik dat de meeste black en death liefhebbers hier niet over hoeven te twijfelen. Maar ook als je van het progressieve werk houdt is dit absoluut een aan te raden uitstapje, deze moet je zien en horen!

Score: 95/100



Yet another review in Dutch. Click!


We wish everyone a happy new year!
For us it'll start with some rather nice gigs! check out our gigs section for more info!


The second review for SCTI, to be found here (in Dutch)


Dying Motion was included in yet another web based mp3 sampler: check it out at Nedermetaal


At last! We're able to provide you with some news, which we know you've all been eagerly anticipating since… well since the website first came online I'd guess. So, without further ado let me tell you what the past few months brought us.

First of all we released our demo, which was a pretty nice event we were looking forward to for a long time (very very long indeed), but before I start boring you with the entire unabridged 'story of our lives' I will sum up the rest of it in short:

We did some gigs, failed to get paid for one of them (which is a story I could write a 30 page report about but won't), sent out some cds to venues, received precisely the kind of response we expected to (a deafening silence, for those of you who like to go into detail, though I doubt you're out there), made some progress on new material, bought a new amp for Bart in Appelscha (look it up if you don't know it. It's very idyllic) and last, but not least in any way imaginable: we received the first review on our demo cd! It's printed below.

So now you're up to speed there are some other things that require your undivided attention: First of all the song Dying Motion was put in the webzine Metalstorm's mp3 sampler. Thanks for this go out to Marcel Hubregtse.

The absolute last thing I will say (I hope I'm not lying) is that we received two reviews on our gig in Groningen, which is a pretty remarkable occurrence in itself considering it had to involve an enormous percentage of reviewers among the audience. They're written in Dutch and can be found here. Please note that this is our very official band forum where you can share crucial information like: which of our songs you dislike most, what you had for breakfast… well you get the gesture.

To end the misery sustained to you by reading all this (I appeared to have lied earlier on), we would like to thank the bands Laboratory Sickness and Thomas Crapper Water Closet for a very nice evening in Ede and we're looking forward to sharing the stage in Eindhoven with Control Human Delete (once again) and Next Waste Dimension!

Also, Bart has finally accomplished to get his very own wikipedia entry!

And now for the review:

Suspiciously Close To Infinity' is the first demo of Deleterious, a Dutch extreme metal combo. Musically the band operates somewhere in between death and black metal, which is a tricky category to belong to. You can either drown in all your influences, resulting in incoherent compositions, and only seldom does a band succeed in really creating a new and original sound.

Luckily, Deleterious are on the right track here. To begin with, there are no obvious influences of this or that band. A brutal passage here or there reminds me of the tight death/black of Zyklon and some black metal parts make me think of the futuristic Lunaris-sound, but there are so much more other kinds of things going on. The band goes out of their way to produce varied, non-standard extreme metal, which comes forward in each song containing at least one cool break or neat trick. The internal cohesion of the songs still needs a little bit of work and the drum sound is a bit dry, but nevertheless Deleterious delivers a fine first product.